Below You can find essential information about the ordering process and refund policy:

  1. After an order form is filled and submitted You will see information about regular or express verification. Once verified You will have Your medicine within 4 days. We offer only US-US delivered medicines.
  2. When 2 days delivery (OVERNIGHT) is available (enabled at order form) shipping and delivery take maximum 48hrs.
  3. We process and verify orders mon-Fri
  4. Live tracking is available upon request. USPS Trackings are generated by USPS the next day.
  5. Payment is charged by a US registered company, company name varies on state location order is placed from.

REFUND policy,

We have been online since 2013 and we delivered over 230 000 pills to our US customers. 2020 January refill statistics holds at 83%.
In case of dissatisfaction with product or delivery schedule we offer 100% refund for product paid. Please be aware that You can always issue a chargeback through Your bank once paying with a credit card. Almost all banks in the USA refund money within 30 days from purchase.