Soma contains the highest abuse potential out of all muscle-relaxant drugs. It causes essentially the most drowsiness because of this class of medicine. Additionally, it is sometimes abused by mixing it with Xanax and hydrocodone. This mixture creates a specially powerful effect and greatly increases the probability of overdose or complications.

Carisoprodol had not been formally evaluated for genotoxicity. In published studies, carisoprodol was mutagenic within the in vitro mouse lymphoma cell assay inside the absence of metabolizing enzymes, but wasn’t mutagenic within the presence of metabolizing enzymes. Carisoprodol was clastogenic inside in vitro chromoCarisoprodoll aberration assay using Chinese hamster ovary cells with or without the use of metabolizing enzymes. Other types of genotoxic tests resulted in negative findings. Carisoprodol wasn’t mutagenic inside the Ames reverse mutation assay using S. typhimurium strains with or without metabolizing enzymes, and was not clastogenic within an in vivo mouse micronucleus assay of circulating blood cells.